The following is a list of threads involving the canon Nathaniel Howe on the Thedas: Timelines role play forum.

Dragon 31 Edit

  • Regrets - A series of solo threads starting with the evening Nathaniel wakes from his Joining to discovering the truth about his father, Rendon Howe.

Dragon 33 Edit

Cloudreach Edit

Dragon 34 Edit

Haring Edit

  • (9) Bitter Taste - Cauthrien talks to Nathaniel after Fiona's death.

Dragon 35 Edit

Cloudreach Edit

  • (6) The Cave (Mature Content) - Nathaniel and Fergus reconnect.
  • (15) Perfect Day - Nathaniel watches Fiona's murderers hang.
  • (22) I Don't Think So - Nathaniel and Knight Captain Benjamin of Amaranthine have a discussion.

Bloomingtide Edit

  • (19) Collapse - Nathaniel returns from the Deep Roads. Fergus offers his support.
  • (20) Whatever Mattered - Nathaniel confesses his feelings to Cauthrien.

Justinian Edit

  • (7) Damaged - Nathaniel Howe has a very, very bad day and a much better night.

Solace Edit

  • (1) From This Height - Nathaniel chats with the King about Grey Warden duties versus those of the King.

August Edit

  • (5) Wasted Wings - Nathaniel visits Weisshaupt and has a conversation with Aedan Cousland

Kingsway Edit

  • (25) Denerim Literary Society - Nathaniel meets Conrad while trying to rid the world of more copies of 50 Shades of Grey Warden

Harvestmere Edit

  • (23) Feeling In-Patient - Nathaniel goes to check on an injured Niamh.
  • (24) Circle Glower - Nathaniel goes to discuss his trip to the Circle Tower with the King.
  • (24) Rebound- Breanna pays the Warden Compound in Denerim a visit. Runs into Nathaniel.
  • (26) Joyride - Nathaniel and Fergus spend some time together outside of Denerim. There may or may not be tarts.

Firstfall Edit

  • (5) Step-Up - Nathaniel promotes Siali
  • (10) Wildest Wind - Nathaniel wakes to find Velanna gone....again.
  • (10) Still Beating - Nathaniel works his frustrations out in the practice yards. Mara intrudes.
  • (11) Oops. She Did It Again - Nathaniel sends Cauthrien a letter regarding Velanna's desertion.
  • (15) Pain Goes By - Nathaniel learns Delilah's husband has been killed. He rushes to support his sister.
  • (15) Grim Tidings - Nathaniel sends letters to Fergus and Cauthrien informing them of Albert's Death
  • (15) Death of a Salesman - Nathaniel tries to find distraction in the dining hall of Vigil's Keep
  • (18) The Way I Feel - Fergus find Nathaniel at an inopportune moment.
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