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The following is a list of threads involving the canon Nathaniel Howe on the Thedas: Timelines role play forum.

Dragon 31[]

  • Regrets - A series of solo threads starting with the evening Nathaniel wakes from his Joining to discovering the truth about his father, Rendon Howe.

Dragon 33[]


Dragon 34[]


  • (9) Bitter Taste - Cauthrien talks to Nathaniel after Fiona's death.

Dragon 35[]


  • (6) The Cave (Mature Content) - Nathaniel and Fergus reconnect.
  • (15) Perfect Day - Nathaniel watches Fiona's murderers hang.
  • (22) I Don't Think So - Nathaniel and Knight Captain Benjamin of Amaranthine have a discussion.


  • (19) Collapse - Nathaniel returns from the Deep Roads. Fergus offers his support.
  • (20) Whatever Mattered - Nathaniel confesses his feelings to Cauthrien.


  • (7) Damaged - Nathaniel Howe has a very, very bad day and a much better night.


  • (1) From This Height - Nathaniel chats with the King about Grey Warden duties versus those of the King.


  • (5) Wasted Wings - Nathaniel visits Weisshaupt and has a conversation with Aedan Cousland


  • (25) Denerim Literary Society - Nathaniel meets Conrad while trying to rid the world of more copies of 50 Shades of Grey Warden


  • (23) Feeling In-Patient - Nathaniel goes to check on an injured Niamh.
  • (24) Circle Glower - Nathaniel goes to discuss his trip to the Circle Tower with the King.
  • (24) Rebound- Breanna pays the Warden Compound in Denerim a visit. Runs into Nathaniel.
  • (26) Joyride - Nathaniel and Fergus spend some time together outside of Denerim. There may or may not be tarts.


  • (5) Step-Up - Nathaniel promotes Siali
  • (10) Wildest Wind - Nathaniel wakes to find Velanna gone....again.
  • (10) Still Beating - Nathaniel works his frustrations out in the practice yards. Mara intrudes.
  • (11) Oops. She Did It Again - Nathaniel sends Cauthrien a letter regarding Velanna's desertion.
  • (15) Pain Goes By - Nathaniel learns Delilah's husband has been killed. He rushes to support his sister.
  • (15) Grim Tidings - Nathaniel sends letters to Fergus and Cauthrien informing them of Albert's Death
  • (15) Death of a Salesman - Nathaniel tries to find distraction in the dining hall of Vigil's Keep
  • (18) The Way I Feel - Fergus find Nathaniel at an inopportune moment.