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Artificer is a specialization available to Rogue characters.

Restrictions: None. This specialization is available to new players so long as the training is explained in their backstory. It may also be earned through roleplay.


"'What can this be?' To ask that question is prove oneself a craftsman, one who looks upon the raw and wonders what it can become. The Artificer is not of that ken, for she will look upon the same resource and wonder not how it can be elevated, but how it can be made to serve. There are no more words necessary."

-- Passage from "Of Mechanical Obscura"

Intricate mechanisms are the core of the artificer’s craft: Deadly traps; Distracting contraptions; Marvels of engineering turned to deadly purpose. If an artificer is standing at the far end of a seemingly innocuous stretch of the battlefield, you should find another path. If he or she is smiling? Best just to hope your affairs are in order.

Combat Skills[]


  • Spike Trap: The Artificer sets a basic trap that, when an enemy approaches, detonates and flings enemies into the air.


  • Elemental Mines: Combining blast powder, ice shards, and even electrical energy into a trap is no easy feat, but Artificers have learned to harness elemental effects to better stun their foes.


  • Fallback Plan: More engineers and tinkerers than true fighters, the skilled Artificer always has an escape route in mind. When their life is threatened, they can make a hasty retreat to a designated point.


  • Hail of Arrows: While Artificers are experts in traps, they often learn to wield Bows or Crossbows to great effect, as well, firing off arrows or bolts so quickly that the enemy is immediately pinned down at their location, sustaining massive damage. This ability does require Expert or Master proficiency in bows or crossbows.

Non-Combat Skills[]

Through their training, Artificers gain proficiency in making and disarming Traps, as well as the Alchemy needed to craft their mines.