Blood Mage is a specialization available to Mage characters.

Restrictions: This specialization is not available as a first character. Moderator permission must be granted before this can be taken as a second character or be learned through roleplaying.

History Edit

Some believe that Blood Magic’s origin comes from the teachings of the Old God Dumat, while others believe it is an old elven discipline. Whatever the case may be, it remains the most reviled school of magic in Thedas today.

Those countries falling under the sway of the Chantry have deemed the use of blood magic as an ultimate sin and often preach that the ability only comes from dealing with demons. Mages using it are labeled maleficarum, and are killed instead of being imprisoned if they are caught.

Even the Tevinter Imperium blood magic is not looked as well upon as it once was, and it is not taught in the Imperial Circles. Still, its use is not forbidden in the Imperium, and many magisters use it when they deem it necessary.

Blood magic, contrary to rumors, can be learned through tomes and mentors. A demon can also gift this power through a pact with a mage at much risk to their own person. Using blood magic tears the veil instead of thinning it, and it can leave open a gateway in which demons and other fade spirits can pass directly through into the physical world.

While many blood mages will use their own blood to fuel their power, over time it will not be enough. Using others blood causes a rush similar to that of lyrium ingestion, and makes spells much more powerful.

Combat Skills Edit

Novice Edit

  • Blood Sacrifice: When the blood mage casts this spell they may target a friend or foe. The target is then drained of life energy to heal the blood mage. Can lead to death of the target.
  • Blood Wound: When this spell is cast, the blood of the target(s) boil in their veins causing immobility and severe pain. Creatures with no blood are immune. Can be resisted by targets with high physical fortitude. The more powerful the blood mage, the more targets this spell may affect..

Intermediate Edit

  • Grave Robber: This spell allows the caster to pull life energy from recently deceased corpses to heal themselves.
  • Hemorrhage: This spell causes corruption in the blood of targets, making veins and arteries swell and smaller ones burst. Nosebleeds, eye bleeding, and ear bleeding is the most common occurrence with this spell. Can cause permanent damage to the senses. There is no resistance to this spell, but it does take a lot out of the caster.

Expert Edit

  • Blood Slave: The mage is able to control their target’s mind and actions. This manipulation can be quite discreet, even wiping the memories of the actions taken while under the mages control. Only one target may be manipulated at a time, and it requires extreme measures to maintain over time.

Master Edit

  • Call Forth: This spell is only available to those who have made pacts with demons. This spell calls forth minor demons, such as rage demons, to fight for the caster. Using this spell is especially dangerous as it has the chance of making the susceptible to possession and becoming an abomination.

Non-Combat Skills Edit

This specialization grants the following non-combat skills at advanced levels, depending on your character's advancement in the specialization. These do not count toward your skills total.

Novice Edit

  • Arcane Lore (Expert)

Intermediate Edit

  • Stamina (Expert)

Expert Edit

  • Stamina (Master)

Master Edit

  • Arcane Lore (Master)