Champion is a specialization available to Warrior characters.

Restrictions: None. This specialization is available to new players so long as the training is explained in their backstory. It may also be earned through roleplay.

History Edit

Champions are the leaders on the battlefield, rallying and joining their troops in the fight. As such, champions usually come from backgrounds that teach such leadership traits, such as nobility in Ferelden, chevaliers in Orlais, and other military organizations across Thedas.

They are not inactive commanders just standing behind their soldiers during an attack, but jump into the fray and help guide the tide of battle. Defenders, as well as aggressors, champions provide much needed morale in difficult situations, and can stand toe to toe with the most hardened warriors on the field.

To be a champion is to make a strong commitment to learning strategy alongside martial abilities, so that decision making can be made on the fly. As such, champions tend to be of keen mind and strong of body.

Combat Skills Edit

Novice Edit

  • War Cry: The champion can unleash a a fearsome cry that intimidates his foes, and slightly bolsters his allies.
  • Line in the Sand: The champion becomes the greatest obstacle on the battlefield, able to hold back enemies from moving past them, and blocking choke points with ease.

Intermediate Edit

  • Rally: The champions very presence near his allies bolsters their resolve, inspiring them to continue the fight even if the odds are against them.
  • Resilience: Attacks against the champion cause enemies to recoil from their own blows. 

Expert Edit

  • Motivate: The champion presence in the fight increases morale and resolve even more than Rally now, and their words motivate their troops to greater glory.
  • Adamant: The champions training has paid off in understanding how to most effectively fight in their armor. 

Master Edit

  • To the Death: The champion is able to taunt an enemy to frenzy, causing their attacks to become unbalanced, leaving an opening in their defences.
  • Walking Fortress: All the champions training in defense pays off, allowing them to become a moving bulwark on the battlefield.

Non-Combat Skills Edit

A Champion possesses skill in Leadership, inspiring others to follow them in combat, and most have studied Military Lore and Military History to make themselves more effective in their role as commanders.

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