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The list of available combat skills can be found here. As these skills are only meant to reflect martial and magical schools of training, we believe it is an exhaustive list at this time. If you have something to add, however, please let us know!

There is no limit to the number of skills that a character can have, but they must be supported by the background and history. A Fereldan knight might have training in many different weapon styles, for example, but a baker is unlikely to know how to handle every weapon imaginable.

Increased proficiency in existing skills and learning of new skills may be gained through roleplay. Characters may learn a skill from other characters if the proficiency of the teacher is higher than that of the student.


Characters in the Mage class have access to both Martial & Magical combat skills; however, the more time spent training in one area, the less time available to train in the other, and most mages in a Circle will not be permitted to train in Martial combat skills.

A list of Magic Schools & their associated spells can be found here.

Circle Mage[]

Characters in the Mage class with a history of Circle training would have the following combat training:

  • Training in wearing Light Armor
  • Training in Arcane Lance
  • Training in Staves
  • Unless they have spent significant time outside the Circle, their combat skills should be primarily from the Magical Combat Skills list


Characters in the Mage class who are apostates with no Circle training can have a wide range of combat skills, depending upon their background:

  • Combat skills may be a blend of Martial & Magical, bearing in mind that the more time spent improving one will result in less time to improve the others


The following restrictions apply to mages using Martial combat skills:

  • When wielding any weapon besides a staff in combat, no spells can be cast
  • When wearing any armor besides Light Armor in combat, no spells can be cast


Characters in the Rogue class begin with the following:

  • Training in wearing Medium Armor
  • All martial combat skills and weapons classes are available, but bear in mind that certain weapons do not lend themselves to stealth and subtlety.


The following restrictions apply to rogues using Martial combat skills:

  • A rogue wearing chain or plate armor cannot use stealth at all
  • A rogue using a shield, a two-handed weapon or a polearm cannot use stealth in combat.


Characters in the Warrior class begin with the following:

  • Training in wearing both Medium Armor and Heavy Armor (unless you choose for them not to)
  • All martial combat skills & weapons classes are available


The civilian class are intended to be noncombatants for the most part, with their training and skills focused upon their respective professions. As such, they should have no training in the use of armor and limited skill in the use of weapons. Unarmed, Staves & Single Weapon, using dagger, sword or bludgeon would be the most likely.