Travel times are calculated assuming an average walking rate of 3 miles per hour for 8 hours a day. While this allows for 24 miles a day, I have rounded down to an average of 20 miles per day to allow for breaks and conditions. Caravans will never move faster than this rate. A single, fit person may cover the 24, in which case you will need to perform your own calculations. The chart below is based on travelers averaging 20 miles per day and figures represent days traveled.

Travel TimesEdit

All current towns and bannorn currently represented in the Ferelden of Thedas: Timelines have been placed on this map. If you create a new one, contact a moderator to add it to the list.

Travel by SeaEdit

For travel by sea, assume ships sail at 8 miles per hour once they reach 'cruising speed'. Add a sensible amount of time for building up to speed, weather conditions, coastline and other obstacles and tacking into port.

Points Distances (miles) Travel Time
Amaranthine to Highever 90 1 day
Denerim to Amaranthine 72 1 day
Denerim to Gwaren 252 2 days (direct)
Denerim to Highever 162 1.5 - 2 days (stops)
Denerim to West Hill 188 2.5 - 3 days (stops)
Kirkwall to Denerim 233 3 days (direct)
Kirkwall to Highever 80 1 day
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