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This is a list of major decisions in Act One that our lore for Dragon Age 2 is based on. If you have any questions regarding minor events in the game that may or may not have taken place, please contact the Moderating team.

Act One Choices[]

Act of Mercy[]

Alain sent back to Ser Thrask, Decimus killed, and Grace told to lie in wait and let Hawke and Varric bluff the templars. Grace and the others escape, Thrask is alive, and Ser Karras is also still alive. Grace and the others eventually get captured and brought to the Gallows.

A New Home & Birthright[]

After arguing with Gamlen over the estate, Hawke and sibling(s) decide to sneak into the estate to find the will. Once will is returned, Gamlen confronted and Leandra makes moves to start reclaiming the estate.

Enemies Among Us[]

Agreed to find information about what happened to Macha’s brother, Keran. Helped Cullen take down Wilmod the abomination. Killed Idunna after getting information about Tarohne.

Tarohne is killed and Keran is freed. Hawke suggests Keran keep his status as a templar to Cullen.

Long Way Home[]

Hawke delivers the amulet to fulfill her bargain with Flemeth. Escorts Merrill back to Kirkwall.

The Deep Roads Expedition[]

Hawke sibling tainted and given over to the Grey Wardens. Hawke attacks demon without hearing the deal.

Wayward Son[]

The search for Feynriel. Danzig and the other slavers killed in Darktown. Slavers in the caves killed to rescue Feynriel. He is sent to the Dalish to find training and help.

The First Sacrifice[]

Investigation into Ninette and Mharen’s disappearance. Leads to remains being found. Ring returned to Ghyslain to prove Ninette’s death.


  • Tranquility was done in 9:35 instead of Act One.