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Name: Linette Botten (Female)
Tas sm-1-.png
Date of Birth (Age): Harvestmere 3, 9:14 (20)
Place of Birth: Denerim
Home: Highever
Occupation: Ferren's Keeper/Bard/Spy Kitten for Alistair
Misc: n/a
Languages: Common tongue
Character Profile: TBD
Physical information
Species: Human
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120
Hair: Brown
Eyes: “My daughter, she’s full of shit. Just look at her eyes.” So..Brown
Other: Tattoo of two spoons on her stomach
Marital Status: Single
Spouse n/a
Children dear maker, no
Mother Ruth
Father Randall
Siblings n/a
Profile Updates
None applicable.
Important Events
None applicable.
  • Ferren Bairston - Her brother from another mother. No one understands her like him. There is only one thing she won't do for the shit - shave his head.
  • Fergus Cousland - Not all nobles are shitbags. He took a chance on her and she has never forgotten it.
  • Leliana - Leliana is both mentor and friend to Linette. She looks up to the bard.