You must know at least one spell at a proficiency level in a school before you can learn a spell at the next proficiency level, i.e., a mage wishing to have Master level in the Spirit school must have at least one spell in Novice, Intermediate & Expert levels.

A starting character may have a maximum of 10 spells, 3 of which may be Expert level or higher. If a specialization is selected, a maximum of 12 spells are permitted, 4 of which may be expert level or higher.

Earth Edit

  • Novice: Rock Armor
  • Intermediate: Stonefist
  • Expert: Earthquake
  • Master: Petrify

Inferno Edit

  • Novice: Flashfire
  • Intermediate: Flaming Weapons
  • Expert: Immolate
  • Master: Firemine, Wall of Fire

Storm Edit

  • Novice: Shock
  • Intermediate: Lightning Bolt
  • Expert: Static Charge, Static Cage
  • Master: Tempest, Chain Lightning

Winter Edit

  • Novice: Winter’s Grasp
  • Intermediate: Frost Weapons
  • Expert: Cone of Cold, Ice Mine
  • Master: Wall of Ice, Blizzard

Spirit Edit

  • Novice: Barrier, Mana Drain, Mind Blast
  • Intermediate: Dispel, Mana Cleanse, Death Syphon, Force Field
  • Expert: Anti-Magic Ward, Spell Might, Telekinetic Weapons
  • Master: Anti-Magic Burst, Mana Clash, Animate Dead, Crushing Prison

Creation Edit

  • Novice: Heal, Glyph of Paralysis, Heroic Offense, Spell Wisp
  • Intermediate: Rejuvenate, Heroic Aura, Glyph of Warding, Grease
  • Expert: Regeneration, Heroic Defense, Glyph of Repulsion, Spellbloom
  • Master: Mass Rejuvenation, Haste, Glyph of Neutralization, Stinging Swarm

Entropy Edit

  • Novice: Weakness, Vulnerability Hex, Disorient, Drain Life
  • Intermediate: Paralyze, Affliction Hex, Horror, Death Magic
  • Expert: Miasma, Misdirection Hex, Sleep, Curse of Mortality
  • Master: Mass Paralysis, Death Hex, Waking Nightmare, Death Cloud