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A mage will have access to all spells at the proficiency level that they have trained to in a school. For example, a mage with expert training in Earth magic would know Rock Armor, Stonefist & Earthquake, while a novice in Creation magic would know Heal, Glyph of Paralysis, Heroic Offense & Spell Wisp.

In general, the higher the skill in any one school (which translates to the time spent in training in that school), the fewer schools that a mage will be familiar with. The exception to this is the Primal schools; mages with an affinity for Primal magic will frequently be proficient in two or more Primal schools. (This is to compensate for the fact that the non-Primal schools have more spells available at each level.)

You do not need to list every spell that your character knows on your profile; just specify the level of proficiency in the schools that they have been trained in. This page will remain available as a reference.

We have provided links for each spell to the spell as described in the DA Wiki to provide a general guide to the effects. When the spell appears in multiple games, we will generally link to the most recent iteration. For DA2 & Inquisition spells, upgrade effects can be utilized in roleplay.

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