Rift Mage is a specialization available to Mage characters.

Restrictions: This specialization is not taught in the circles of the Andrastean chantry, where it is considered too risky. Apostates and mages from Tevinter may learn it. Requires proficiency in Spirit magic & at least one of the Primal schools.

History Edit

Mages have long been taught to be wary of places where the Veil is thin or torn. Rift mages seek out such places, or create them, twisting Fade and Veil to their will.

Combat Skills Edit

Novice Edit

  • Veilstrike: You recreate your own fist from the essence of the Fade and smash nearby foes to the ground.

Intermediate Edit

  • Restorative Veil: You pull stray magic from around weakened enemies to regain mana based on the damage you do to them.
  • Smothering Veil: Your magic surrounds your enemies, draining their strength and weakening their attacks

Expert Edit

  • Firestorm: You summon flaming meteors, raining fire down upon enemies all over the area for the next several seconds. Friendly fire is very possible.

Master Edit

  • Pull of the Abyss: You create a tiny rift that drags enemies toward a central point with enough force to cause injury. Enemies caught in this spell cannot attack. Demons may escape through the rift, however, so this spell should be used with caution.

Non-Combat Skills Edit

Those trained in this specialization have studied Arcane Lore extensively.

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