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Laying foundations of trust in Kirkwall since 8:37 Blessed!


The business was founded by Haldor Saeridin I, who in his later years, after the birth of his son and grandson, became known as Grampy Saeridin - or Grumpy Saeridin behind his back. He was a dwarven Master Builder, originally from Orzammar.

Haldor Saeridin II, known as Junior, was born in Kirkwall and apprenticed for his Master Builder father to eventually become such himself. He inherited the business when Haldor I passed away. Haldor II married a local surface dwarf by the name of Siena.

The current proprietor remains Haldor Augusten Saeridin III, known as Sonny in his youth though who simply prefers Hal now that both his parents and grandfather have long-since passed away and there need be no reason to differentiate between them any longer. The business was originally located in Hightown, but Hal moved its location to Lowtown after Haldor II died, because he preferred to be as accessible to his labourers as he was to his patrons. It doesn't hurt, either, that Saeridin & Son remains a stone's throw from the Hanged Man.

Saeridin & Son Building Company holds membership with the Dwarven Merchants' Guild, owing dues and participation in guild affairs whenever demanded. The business remains in high regard, despite it's Lowtown base of operations next to a noisy minstrel flophouse.

The company is sometimes informally referred to as Blessed Builders, in reference to the Age in which it was founded.


The ground floor of Saeridin & Son consists of a lantern-lit workshop, the main offices rather, though the back rooms of the business are essentially the owner's living space as well. Upon entering the building, one would find themselves in a small, open foyer with stairs to the second floor ahead and an entry to the ground floor offices to one’s right.

While generally reserved for storage, the rooms on the second floor are occasionally rented out by the proprietor as temporary living spaces. Moreover, the attic loft above the second floor generally houses the business' private guard.

A very small kitchen and a separate space to wash up remains on the ground floor as well, albeit tucked away in the back. Through the tiny kitchen, there remains a back entrance into the business via one of Lowtown's alleys. The proprietor has attempted to spruce up the back entry with planters, but given the lack of light that the alleyway sees the majority of these plants die on a regular basis.


The current proprietor, Hal, also a Master Builder, specializes in stone landscaping and, obviously non-magical, repairs and/or renovations to the Tevinter structures of Kirkwall or even building new structures in his signature Neoclassical Tevinter style, the latter being a favourite amongst a number of Kirkwall nobles looking for additions to their old and stately homes.

He often contracts locals to assist him in matters related to Saeridin & Son Building Company. The positions vary, but they might include general labourers, dock workers, cargo guards for imported building materials, apprentices, and occasionally guards to protect the cites of some of his more coveted commissions from the sabotage of rivalrous building companies. Sometimes he requires the services of translators as well, as not all of his importers or his clients can speak the Common; Trade Tongue fluently. Hal’s also a good point of contact for people looking to hire others, in turn, as he has a pulse on who might be looking for work in the city—and he’s happy to make introductions.

Given Hal’s structural knowledge of buildings, he would make an excellent war-time resource for those interested in siegecraft. He would never actually seek out this contract for himself, however, as he values his own life quite a bit—so he would have to be conscripted or otherwise influenced into providing his counsel. Even then, if there are risks involved, he would prefer to provide this service from a distance. A very great distance.

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