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Shadow is a specialization available to Rogue characters.

Restrictions: None. This specialization is available to new players so long as the training is explained in their backstory. It may also be earned through roleplay.


"All of history's a stage, every damned aristocrat merely vying for the spotlight. But what of those who fell aside, left broken and forgotten? And what of those behind the curtain, who find it all so wanton? Yes, someone built the stand and set the lights to shine, the same someone who burned it down and poisoned all the wine. The world won't move on names, you know, it takes a clever hand; the sort of soul who slips unseen and finds it all too grand. The limelight's a guarded jealously, not meant for every face, but so the shadows are contented - gone, without a trace." — An old Marcher song.

Like their luminescent counterparts, Assassins, shadows have been around since long before official records, though no names or coalitions exist for them. Solitary and anonymous, shadows prefer it that way, moving unhindered as the forgotten and ignored of Thedas. Even among thieves' guilds, they hold themselves apart, and seldom will a mentor take on more than a single protegee, distilling a lifetime of invisibility into a craft all its own. They are the very embodiment of discretion, capable of skulking around every corner, overhearing any conversation, and slipping silently between the very threads of reality. Still, it is not a hobby for the attention-starved, and very much a modest way of life; after all, the very best shadows will never, ever be noticed.

Combat Skills[]


  • Shadow Striking: The best way to remain anonymous is to never be seen. A nonlethal maneuver, the shadow uses their surprise to their advantage, sneaking up on a foe and rendering them unconscious. A bonk on the head will generally do the trick, but a bit of sleep dust is always safer - not to mention quieter.
  • Inconspicuous: "Bland" and "boring" are powerful tools when used in the right hands. A more upfront form of deception, the uninteresting shadow was always invisible through sheer ordinariness and forgettable traits, hiding in plain sight and never very memorable to begin with.


  • Decoy: More of an escape mechanism than a stealth supplement, the shadow diverts their adversary's attention with a likeness of themselves, be it a thrown voice or a cape fluttering in the wind. The distraction need not be perfect, merely enough to let the shadow escape unharmed.
  • Pinpoint Precision: Shadows are the masters of waiting for an opportune moment to strike. Because of this, they can find and exploit weak points in their enemy’s defense. 


  • Shadow Form: Ever tried to hit a shadow? It's as stupid as it sounds, just swinging at darkness and flickering shapes. Shadows are the masters of unrecognition, capable of blending with their surroundings and moving unnoticed to all but the most astute eyes. Nighttime optional.
  • Predator: Like the prowling panther, shadows view their enemies as potential prey. Skulking about in the shadows, they catch their foe completely unawares before striking. 


  • Pandemonium: The shadow is a slippery devil, preying upon the inherent paranoia of fighting thin air to turn enemies against each other. By creating a sheaf of chaos and high-strung nerves, foes are confused and even strike one another rather than the shadow. A special brew of bewildering powder helps, too. 
  • Shadow Veil: Shadows are able to cloak themselves in the darkness that surrounds them, allowing them to enter an advanced and deadly form of stealth that completely obscures their form, even into the crucial first seconds of an attack. 

Non-Combat Skills[]

Stealth is the hallmark of the Shadow, along with Legerdemain and Alchemy