Shapeshifter is a specialization available to Mage characters.

Restrictions: Cannot be a Circle Mage as a starting characters. Must get permission from the staff for Apostate’s seeking this specialization as a starting character. Can be learned through roleplay. Must have background that makes sense, such as coming from a shamanistic group like the Chasind or Avvar, or the Dalish or by having plausible contact with one of these groups in character backstory

History Edit

Shapeshifters are the hidden among mages. Those who learn this path of magic are on the outskirts of what would be considered civilized society. While some are taught this art for survival purposes alone, others see it as a way to connect to the wild itself. Some shamans in the wilder tribes use this magic the commune with the natural world, and find omens in their interactions.

Bodily transformation is a difficult art, and must have many years of training before it can be mastered. Most who take on this skillset focus on one type of animal to imitate the form of, though after many years they may find their power great enough to take on multiple forms.

Shapeshifters often take on the traits of the forms they change into. Small creatures are often chosen for quickness and stealth, while large creatures are chosen for their ability to defend themselves in a fight. Shapeshifters study the creatures they have an affinity for before they take on their shape.

With the resurgence of Dragons in the ninth age, some say there is a possibility to learn such forms. If such rumors are true, they would have to be powerful and ancient mages indeed.

Combat Skills Edit

Novice Edit

  • First Animal Shape: Choose between Bird, Fish, Amphibian, Small Mammal or Reptile. This shape is useful for infiltration or surveillance, but not good for combat

Intermediate Edit

  • Second Animal Shape: Choose between: Bear, Big Cat, Wolf, Giant Spider. Other animals may be considered, but must be approved by the moderating team. This shape is more suitable to combat.

Expert Edit

  • Third Animal Shape: Choose another animal from the Intermediate group.

Master Edit

  • Wyvern shape: This level must be learned through RP and coordination with the moderating team.

Non-Combat Skills Edit

This specialization grants the following non-combat skills at advanced levels, depending on your character's advancement in the specialization. These do not count toward your skills total.

Novice Edit

  • Natural Lore (Expert)

Intermediate Edit

  • Tracking (Expert)

Expert Edit

  • Tracking (Master)

Master Edit

  • Natural Lore (Master)