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Spirit Healer is a specialization available to Mage characters.

Restrictions: All mages who select this specialization must be proficient in the Creation school of magic.


Spirit Healers are some of the most sought after mages in Thedas. Their healing skills are unparalleled, but such benevolent gifts do not come without risk.

While the Creation School of Magic allows for basic healing and rejuvenation, Spirit Healers call on benevolent spirits from the fade to do remarkable things. They can bring the dead back to life, and protect those around them with just their very presence.

Many that gain these skills spend most of their young lives training themselves to stand steadfast against temptation from demons. Their connection to the fade makes them vulnerable -- and ideal -- targets.

Most have to actively work to befriend the benevolent spirit which will come to their aid, though some claim that the spirit came to them first. These spirits embody virtues such as Fortitude, Compassion, and Mercy. Even after the bond is made between mage and spirit, the mage must continue to be vigilant, for even demons can masquerade as something virtuous to get what they want.

To use their abilities, the mage summons the spirit from the fade and channels the given energy into the magic they are casting. This causes a drain on both the mage and the spirit, and overusing these abilities in a short amount of time can cause damage to both the spirit and the healer.

Combat Skills[]


  • Group Heal: The mage calls on their spirit ally to channel healing magic through the battlefield -- or the infirmary -- to heal groups of the wounded and sick. Overuse of this skill can make the veil thin, and weaken the spirit ally as well as the mage.


  • Revival: Through connection with their spirit ally, the mage can call back an ally’s spirit from the brink of death. This ability is substantially draining for both the mage and the spirit. This ability can also attract the attention of demons.
  • Vitality: This spell can reinvigorate a single ally -- or the mage herself -- allowing small wounds to stitch painlessly over time and remove battle weariness.


  • Lifeward: The spirit ally lends a small amount of their essence to guard a single target. Should the target be grievously wounded, this essence infuses with the target, preventing mortal injury. Overuse can weaken the spirit ally.
  • Cleansing Aura: When activated, the spirit ally and mage work together to created an area of healing. This spell works like Vitality, only it affects all allies near the mage.


  • Second Chance: This is a spell that works in synergy with Revival. The worst of wounds become minor injuries when Second Chance is used in tandem with Revival. The pain of healing and psychological effects of being so close to death are also diminished. This spell can cause excess strain on the healer and the spirit, as well as thinning the veil. Should only be used in the most dire cases.

Non-Combat Skills[]

Communion with their spirit ally gives the Spirit Healer familiarity with Arcane Lore, and their knowledge of and interest in the processes of healing frequently lead to proficiency in non-magical Healing skill.