Spirit Warrior is a specialization available to Warrior characters.

Restrictions: This specialization is extremely rare, and requires permission from the moderating team to create. Dwarves are also unable to take this specialization.

History Edit

The tales say the first spirit warriors were elves. Such histories may be myths, but the spirit warrior is not.

How to become one is hotly debated by those who are aware of their presence, and those who gain these abilities are not forthcoming on all of the details. The Chantry sees these warriors as being possessed, and thus abominations, even though they retain their own consciousness and desires.

The truth of the matter is that a spirit warrior has allied themselves with a spirit that embodies a virtue that they believe in. This spirit works through the warrior, much like one would do with a spirit healer, augmenting their abilities and giving them new ones. This arrangement is one of mutual respect, and a spirit warrior that diverges from the virtue of their spirit companion may see the loss of their abilities.

While not confirmed, there are also stories of a spirit companion merging fully with their chosen warrior, giving them a second chance at life when threatened with death. This destroys the spirit’s sentience, but allows the warrior to retain the abilities it bestowed upon them.

Combat Skills Edit

Novice Edit

  • Beyond the Veil: The spirit warrior can use their connection to the fade to avoid physical attacks, partially phasing through the Veil.
  • Spirit Detection: As the warrior grows attuned to the energies of the Veil, they can detect spirits (and demons) in close proximity.

Intermediate Edit

  • Soulbrand: The warrior is now has a moderate resistance to hostile spell effects, giving them an edge over mages.
  • Communion: The warrior is now able to directly communicate with nearby spirits that are not their companion spirit. This does not mean that communication will be pleasant or helpful for either the warrior or the spirit. 

Expert Edit

  • Fade Burst: The warrior is able to channel spiritual energy from the Fade, exploding it around them causing spiritual damage and knocking back their enemies.
  • Fade Touch: The connection between spirit and warrior becomes stronger, and the warrior can now occasionally use that tether to heal himself or an ally.

Master Edit

  • Blessing of the Fade: The connection between the warrior and spirit is now something that cannot be severed. The warrior becomes preternaturally strong and swift. Their resistance to magic is also increased.
  • Fade Crossing: The warrior can now use their connection to slip into the Fade physically, albeit briefly. This allows them to avoid attack, or travel short distances. Warning: using this ability can weaken the Veil and cause problems for the warrior and those who live in proximity to where it is used.

Non-Combat Skills Edit

Their communion with the spirit world provides Spirit Warriors with knowledge of Arcane Lore

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