Templar is a specialization available to Warrior and Rogue characters.

Restrictions: None. This specialization is available to new players as long as their backstory provides sufficient evidence of training. It may also be learned through roleplay.

History Edit

The Templars have stood since the founding of the Chantry. The military might of the Andstrastian religion, they are trained to fight against magic in all its forms.

Armed with the ability to dispel and resist magic in addition to their formidable combat talents, the templars are uniquely qualified to act as both a foil for apostates – mages who refuse to submit to the authority of the Circle – and a first line of defense against the dark powers of blood mages and abominations.

Despite this, the templars also act as a shield for mages who have submitted to the Chantry’s authority, protecting them as they travel, and providing security for the Circles they call home. Many see it as their divine duty to be both protector and hunter, keeping the rest of the world safe from magic, and keeping the mages safe from the rest of the world.

As with any military organization, doctrines and beliefs will vary per templar and some will cling to one duty more than the other.

Combat Skills Edit

Novice Edit

  • Blessed Blades: The templar can rally their compatriots to fight with greater strength against demons and mages.
  • Holy Smite: The templar is able to call down a pillar of spiritual fire that causes damage to their enemies. This has greater effect on demons and abominations.

Intermediate Edit

  • Cleanse Area: The templar is able to send out a wave of cleansing energy across the battlefield, purging hostile magic and interrupting the casting of their enemies.
  • There is No Darkness: The templar is able to create a protective aura around his allies, defending them from the elements and hostile magics. 

Expert Edit

  • Righteous Strike: The templar is able to imbue their weapon with holy energy. Each strike with their weapon has a chance at cancelling spell effects and draining their enemy of mana.
  • Mental Fortress: Through extended training, the templar is able to resist magical influence on their mind.

Master Edit

  • Silence: One of the templars most feared abilities, Silence robs the enemy caster of all magical ability for a short duration, making them easier to subdue.
  • Wrath of Heaven: The upgraded version of Holy Smite. It does spiritual damage, as well as stunning the enemy it is cast upon.

Non-Combat Skills Edit

This specialization grants the following non-combat skills at advanced levels, depending on your character's advancement in the specialization. These do not count toward your skills total.

Novice Edit

  • Religious Lore - Chantry (Expert)

Intermediate Edit

  • Arcane Lore (Expert)

Expert Edit

  • Religious Lore - Chantry (Master)

Master Edit

  • Arcane Lore (Master)