The Cock and Goat is a tavern located on the outer perimeter of the Market district of Amaranthine. The establishment borders the docks of the city. A rather seedy establishment, high class clientele avoid the place. Drunks and dregs of society like to call this ramshackle hut of a building home on many an evening and it is not an uncommon occurrence that the city guard is called to handle a dispute or three on any particular evening.

The tavern is run and owned by Ricard, a burly looking man. He looks to be somewhere between 40 and 50. No one has been able to peg down his birthday, a very private (no one dares share it with Ricard) joke among the regular patrons.

Ricard was around long enough to remember Rendon Howe and the manner in which he governed. He is more than happy to share his thoughts on that particular 'era' of time with anyone whether they ask or not.

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