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During Hanamene Thornecroft's time with the Inquisition, she managed to unite a small number of Fereldans displaced or escaped from Redcliffe following Teagan’s temporary ousting by Alexius (occurring approximately sometime in late Guardian; early Drakonis of 9:41). Those among them that could ride and fight well enough did so, and the small cavalry unit known as the Drakestone Reserve was consequently formed. Some tension arose as it eventually became evident that said unit's loyalty rested with the people of the Hinterlands, specifically, rather than the Inquisition’s cause or Thedas-beyond-Ferelden overall.


There is no formal ranking system within the Drakestone Reserve, although its members do refer to the D.R.'s founder as either "Serjeant" or "Serj".

  • Hanamene Thornecroft - Founder
  • Rider Looks - a once dreadfully handsome man whose left side of his face was disfigured by a maleficar's lightening bolt. | NPC Text: 3C58AB
  • Rider Marks - a woman covered in tribal-looking tattoos (suggestive of at least partial Chasind heritage). | NPC Text: 4A4533
  • Rider Reverent - the most spiritual member of the unit, he's a devout Andrastian. | NPC Text: AD4E36
  • Rider Gallant - a chivalrous man, likely a former squire and/or almost-knight before something sidetracked his calling. | NPC Text: A17800
  • Rider Barnstorm - the stunt rider, a true showman. | NPC Text: 9ACCD9
  • Rider Pierce - an androgynous, mounted archer and a damn good shot at that. | NPC Text: 37735B
  • Rider Bastion - dons heavy armour, rides a barded horse. Slowest rider but he's the 'steel wall' of the unit. | NPC Text: 700711

Note: all NPCs are adoptable, but OCs can also be members of the D.R. if they wish



During the Inquisition timeline, the Drakestone Reserve served in similar fashion as the Bull's Chargers; as Agents of the Inquisition.


Most of the Drakestone Reserve fell in line with Hanamene's loyalty to House Guerrin, though some eventually left the faction over it. What remains of the irregular cavalry now serve as defenders of the Hinterlands. After Thornecroft Cottage was restored, it became their base of operations.

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