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This is a list of major decisions in Dragon Age: Inquisition that our lore for the Post-Trespasser Timeline is based on. If you have any questions regarding minor events in the game that may or may not have taken place, please contact the Moderating team. The decisions below are presented in the order they were done.

Act One[]

The Wrath of Heaven[]

Sati chose to take the mountain path, saving the scouts.

In Hushed Whispers[]

Sati decided to side with the Mages, and give them equal standing as Inquisition allies.

Act Two[]

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts[]

Sati convinces Celene and Briala to work together again.

Here Lies the Abyss[]

The Grey Wardens of Orlais are taken into the Inqusition after the events of Adamant, and Erimund is to be executed after the defeat of Corypheus

Act Three[]

What Pride Had Wrought[]

Sati allows Morrigan to drink from the Well of Sorrows, ensuring Morrigan's assistance in the final battle as a dragon.

Companion and Advisor Decisions[]


Sati encourages her to leave the Seekers to history, taking only their knowledge forward.


Sati advises Leliana against killing Natalie


Sati informs Dorian in advance about the meeting with his father.


Sati reluctantly agrees to help Vivienne and get her the Snowy Wyvern's heart, despite not getting all the information after pressing the issue.


Sati allows Sera to kill the nobleman who killed her agents.


Sati encourages Cole to become more human than spirit

Iron Bull[]

Sati saves the Chargers


Sati gives Blackwall to the Warden's once Corypheus is defeated.


Sati encouraged Cullen to stop taking lyrium.

Sit In Judgment Decisions[]

Magister Gereon Alexius[]

Sati chose to execute Alexius

Grand Duchess Florianne de Chalons[]

Florianne was sent to do farm work

Magister Livius Erimond[]

Sentenced to death, but delayed until Corypheus was defeated


He was given over to Dagna for study.

Chief Movran the Under[]

He was armed and sent to the southern border of Tevinter.

Mayor Gregory Dedrick[]

Handed over to Ferelden for imprisonment

Mistress Poulin[]

Ordered to rebuild Sahrnia, with no additional punishment once that was complete.