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The Velvet Hat is a brothel located within Highever operated by Sophie Brinton, a woman in her late 30's with long curly red hair, curvy body and a sparkling set of blue eyes. While the brothel survived Rendon Howe's attack of Highever, it was not so fortunate during the darkspawn attacks. Various patrons financed the quick rebuilding of the Velvet Hat after it was ravaged.

The main room is rather plain -- a few tables, a bevy of chairs and a few divans decorating the room along with a large mahogany bar.

There are 12 private quarters for entertaining guests. Four rooms are themed:

  1. Nautical Dreams -- A room decorated to appear like the Captain's Quarters of a ship
  2. Palatial Pleasures -- A room decorated in lush appointments and Kingly accoutrements
  3. Wooded Bliss -- A room decorated to appear as if in the middle of a forest.
  4. Magical Memories -- A room decorated to look like what a library within the Circle Tower might look like.

Attached to the very back of the brothel are the employee quarters. There are 10 rooms in total.