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This is a list of major decisions in Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening that our lore for Ferelden is based on. If you have any questions regarding minor events in the game that may or may not have taken place, please contact the Moderating team.

Dragon Age: Origins[]


Connor and Isolde Guerrin were both saved by enlisting the help of the mages from the Circle Tower.

Circle Tower[]

The mages were saved, and the Rite of Annulment was NOT done.

The Urn of Sacred Ashes[]

Kolgrim and the High Dragon were killed, and the Ashes were not contaminated.

Soldier’s Peak[]

Both Avernus and Sophia Dryden were killed, the potion destroyed, and the Dryden’s now occupy Soldier’s Peak which also stands as another Warden base of operations in Ferelden.


Aedan sided with Caridin, killed Branka, and supported Bhelen for the throne.

Brecilian Forest[]

Zathrian was convinced to release his curse, allowing the werewolves that remained to return to their human forms.

Rescue the Queen[]

Alistair and Aedan were taken captive.

Fort Drakon[]

They were rescued by Zevran and Oghren

The Alienage[]

Caladrius, the slaver, was killed and the elves that remained were set free.

The Landsmeet[]

Alistair dueled Loghain, and Loghain was executed.

Dark Ritual[]

Aedan chose to willingly do the ritual with Morrigan. **please note, no one outside those close with Aedan or a member of the Grey Wardens are privy to this information**

Origins Companions’ Personal Quests:[]

  • Alistair - Met Goldanna, which turned into a harsh experience.
  • Morrigan - Flemeth was killed.
  • Leliana - Marjolaine was killed.
  • Sten - Asala was recovered and returned to him.
  • Wynne - Reunited with her student Aneirin.
  • Oghren - Reunited with Felsi
  • Zevran - Stayed when the group was attacked by Taliesan and assisted in killing him.
  • Shale - Past revealed by Caridin, but the Cadash Thaig remained unexplored.

Dragon Age Awakening[]

Amaranthine City versus Vigil’s Keep[]

Amaranthine City was chosen to be saved. The defenses of Vigil’s Keep were able to keep the darkspawn at bay until the battle was concluded, but not without heavy losses.

The Peasant’s Revolt[]

The rioters were provided with food and convinced to disperse. Though more uprisings occurred, it could have been worse.

The Farmlands[]

Soldiers were sent to protect the farmlands, and while some still fell prey to the darkspawn, the decisions saved the food supply line in Amaranthine.

The Smugglers[]

The smugglers were rooted out by the Wardens, and the supplies recovered were redistributed to the citizens of the city by the City Guard.

The Blight Orphans[]

Thanks to the generosity that they received, the leader of the group decided to turn their con into a real charity.

The Conspiracy[]

The Dark Wolf reveals the identities of the conspirators, and the nobles are silenced discreetly.

The Pilgrim’s Path[]

The merchant’s road is cleared of problems, but Dalish travelling through the area will find the human settlements hostile towards them.

The Architect[]

Aedan chose to ally and bargain with the Architect. **Not known outside of the Grey Wardens**


The great thaig was cleared of darkspawn, and the plate honoring the sacrifice of the casteless was recovered and returned to Orzammar.

The Blackmarsh[]

Without the area being haunted, the village is slowly being rebuilt as people settle in the area.