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The Wicked Grace is a 120 foot, two-masted schooner built for speed by Quinton Monroe in 8:94 Blessed, currently owned and commanded by Captain Celeste Monroe. In addition to her cargo space, she has four cabins for passengers that can sleep one comfortably, two snugly or four if you really like each other (not recommended for longer voyages).

Common rates:

Denerim to Kirkwall:

- Private berth : 10 sovereigns

- Shared berth for 2 : 5 sovereigns each

- Shared berth for 3-4 : 3 sovereigns each

Other rates similarly priced based on distance. Prices include personal baggage.

If the shared berths don't fill, the lower rate is still effective.

All berths include meals with the crew, and are the same regardless of berth.

Minstrels may negotiate for passage in a shared berth in exchange for music and tales during the voyage.

She's an older ship, but impeccably maintained. Each cabin has 2 berths with lee-cloths, each berth can sleep up to 2 (again, not recommended). Deck prisms in the ceiling allow light during the day, with oil lamps bolted to the wall for nighttime illumination.

The crew of 12 appears well able to handle themselves in a fight, and includes a healer, along with a cook. Each officer has a private cabin in the aftercastle, which is also where the infirmary is located. Crew quarters are in the forecastle, and consist of 4 small cabins that sleep 2 each (upper & lower bunks with lee-cloths). Each cabin has a single small desk & chair, with cabinets and drawers built into the structure of the bunks to allow storage of personal possessions.


The officers of the Wicked Grace are largely made up of men who sailed with Quinton and Daniel Monroe, providing solid seagoing experience to train up the talent that Celeste brings aboard. (All ages are as of 34 Dragon)

Owner/CaptainCeleste Monroe

First Mate – Gideon Augustus Nicodemus Santiago Darius Monroe (NPC) - Celeste's first mate is a Tal-Vashoth who was her late husband's adopted brother. A typically tall and burly qunari male with curling black horns, silver skin and crimson eyes, Gideon is quiet with a sly sense of humor and unshakable loyalty to his Captain. A voracious reader with a fondness for poetry, a touch of farsightedness requires him to wear a set of round, brass-rimmed spectacles when reading. His favored weapon is a massive two-handed maul that can - and has been used to - cave in the hull of lightweight ships.

Bos'un – Torgun Torgunnsen (NPC) – Known as 'Young Torgun', despite being close to fifty, the surface dwarf is another of the veterans of the crew. He helped his father build the ship alongside Quinton Monroe, taking his father's spot as bo'sun after Old Torgun had died in 9:14. His beard is more grey than black, but his hands have lost none of their skill; after generations on the surface, the dwarven talent for shaping stone had shifted to wood in the Torgun clan, with Old Torgun the first to turn that talent to shipbuilding. Young Torgun knows the Wicked Grace better than any of the rest of the crew, keeping her seaworthy and regularly making changes to her smuggling holes: compartments hidden seamlessly here and there in the ship's structure, with equally well-concealed releases, often some distance from the hole.

Surgeon/Healer – Oliver Brannigan (NPC) – Human male, age 60 – the last of the original three friends who built the Wicked Grace, Brannigan is the unofficial father figure of the Wicked Grace. A tall man whose strong build has shrunken a bit with age, the healer and alchemist has a full head of grey hair, a neatly trimmed beard and clear blue eyes. He's no mage, but his skills have pulled off more than a few saves that would have templars giving him the side-eye.

Cook – James “Stubby” Stubbins (NPC) – Human male, age 45 – Stubby started on the Wicked Grace as cabin boy over thirty years ago, working his way up to second mate before losing his leg in a fight. Refusing to give up the sea, he has stayed on as the ship's cook. His hobby of knitting, first taught to him by his mother, keeps the crew in woolen watchcaps and sweaters on the winter runs south.

Cabin Boy – Téo (NPC) – Elf-blooded human male, age 10 – A wharf rat that Celeste caught trying to lift her purse in Antiva City two years ago, Téo is a small lad with a slender build, tanned skin, sunbleached brown hair and large hazel eyes. Like most street children, he is cocky and relatively fearless, traits that have only become more prominent with the crew of the Wicked Grace (Gideon in particular) to back him up.

The Crew[]

The crew of the Wicked Grace is a blend of seasoned sailors and newcomers, with a wide variety of talents outside of seamanship. Celeste maintains that she can teach damn near anyone to sail; when she is seeking out new members of the crew, she looks for intelligent individuals that show adaptability, as well as a willingness to be involved in less-than-legal activities.

Dax Belzer – (NPC) Human male, age 35 – Warrior, Ostwick - Alchemist, specializing in grenades and other mixes made for mischief

Kalindra 'Kali' Delaine – (NPC) Human female, age 26 – Rogue, Ferelden - daughter of a seamstress forced to turn prostitute following the death of her mother, Kali's talents in cosmetics and tailoring caught Celeste's eye during a stop at the Pearl, and she recruited the woman, who has since played a vital role in a good many capers and Red Jenny jobs.

Sorcha – (NPC) Elf female, age 24 – Rogue, Orlais - A recruit from the Red Jennys, good with daggers, traps, poisons and sneaky shit in general

Bailey Deen – (NPC) Human male, age 17 – Rogue, Markham - Former cabin boy, now a full member of the crew. Young, cocky and good looking, with a well rounded set of basic skills in both seamanship and mayhem.

Nordstrom - (NPC) Human male, age ? - Quiet and competent, of medium height with thinning ash blonde hair, and pale blue eyes. Not even Brannigan knows the story of his past, but he's been a loyal member of the crew for over 20 years.

Piotr - (NPC) Elven male, age 18 - Rogue, Antiva - Rescued from a slave auction in Kirkwall after 5 years in captivity, he is hesitant around strangers but devoted to his new captain and crew and eager to learn. Thick black hair shaved into a scalplock about 4 fingers wide runs from his forehead back, with the end trailing between his shoulderblades & large green eyes.

The Thing – An enormous ginger tomcat with one eye and a crooked tail who has free range on the ship, as well as shore leave when in port, and has sired kittens across Thedas. Do not pet The Thing unless he asks you to, but ignore him at your peril if he does. No, he doesn't have any other name; he wouldn't come when called if he had one. You'll come up with a few for him before the trip's over, especially if you leave the door to your cabin unsecured.