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The Thornecroft surname originally derived from this habitational reference to their family’s cottage home and surrounding plot of land.

Historically a tenancy of the Arling of Redcliffe, it became a freehold sometime near the end of the Blessed Age - albeit the Thornecrofts remained ever loyal to House Guerrin thereafter.

The cottage was destroyed and its surrounding lands ravaged during the Fifth Blight. Efforts to rebuild commenced in the year 9:44.


Less of an actual cottage, Thornecroft Cottage's construction is comparatively similar to that of the chantries of Ferelden.

The original half-timbered structure may have, at one time, been such - but after the home's reconstruction in 9:44, the original floor plan was fortified with stone and even expanded upon to include a livery yard.

The original stone croft survived the ravages of the Fifth Blight, its walls overgrowing with red roses in the warmer months only to appear menacing throughout the rest of the year when covered in thorny, tangled vines.

The home and its croft rest tucked away at the top of a steep hill, sloping northwest to meet the southern banks of Lake Calenhad. It can be discovered via an old and easily missed bridleway, detouring from the Imperial Highway an almost equal distance between Redcliffe and Lothering.

It consists of two-stories, four if you include its narrow attic and tomb-like cellar. There are four proper bed chambers, though other rooms can be easily repurposed into such. The structure also features a small kitchen, a study, and a moderately-sized hall for receiving and entertaining guests. A small Andrastian shrine can be discovered on the property as well, near an old apple tree.

North of the property, on yet another elevation, rests the remnants of an abandoned watchtower. With caution, it can still be explored. It offers a 360° view of surrounding vistas including Redcliffe to the west, much of the Hinterlands to the south, Kinloch Hold across the lake to the north, and a hint of Lothering to the east.


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