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Important NPCs[]

Grey Wardens

  • Muriel (human, female, mage) – Born 9:01 - Tall and slender, with long, ash blonde hair and pale green eyes. Muriel was transferred from the Free Marches, where she had been conscripted from the Markam circle, when the Chantry began pressuring Warden mages there. Quiet and serious, she has a sly sense of humor once you get to know her. She is a healer specializing in the Creation school, and is also a highly skilled herbalist and alchemist.
  • Lucien (human, male, warrior) - Born 9:05 - Tall and muscled, Lucien has extremely short cut brown hair that has started to bald, dark brown eyes and a pencil thin, caterpillar of a moustache that is both his pride and joy. Lucien was conscripted by Nathaniel Howe in Highever during the Red Conscription of 9:33. He was a member of the Templar Order prior to his conscription and specializes in Templar combat tactics.


  • Wade & Herren - Wade and Herren have relocated their shop to Vigil's Keep. They outfit both the Vigil's Keep guard and the Grey Wardens with armor and weapons.


  • Varel, Seneschal
  • Mrs. Humphrey, Head Cook - Early 50s with a full set of gray hair she wears in a tight bun. Dark brown eyes that never shy from showing their disapproval no matter the person. Her son, Godric, was killed by Rendon Howe's men at the attack on Highever because he would not slay innocents.


  • Henry Rolstand, person guard of Nathaniel Howe - Late 40's with salt & pepper hair, a nose broken one time too many and dark blue eyes. Henry has served at the Keep as a guard since Rendon Howe's time as Arl.
  • Roddard Aberdeen - Early 50s. Dark hair, blue eyes and somewhat portly in build. Works very hard to support his family back in Amaranthine but seems to bungle any task he's assigned. Sword and board warrior.
  • Erik Mayfield - Late 20s. Light hair and eyes. Takes care of himself and is of lean build. Very charming and boastful. Favorite passtime is talk about himself. Uses two-handed sword.
  • Michael Dexter - Mid 30s. Sandy blond hair and forest green eyes. Somewhat quiet and does not associate with others outside of work. Tends to disappear for long stretches of time when not on duty. Sword and board warrior.
  • Petyr Georgeson - Late 50s. Grey hair and brown eyes. Long time guard with no interest in being anything but. Twin dagger rogue.
  • Carlin Benedict - Late 50s. Mostly bald with a circle of black hair on the lower half of his head. Brown eyes. Uses two-handed sword.